Hello! My name is

Kai Devrim McCormick

Student • Really Bad Hacker • He/Him


I am a high school student in the Bay Area who loves all things about computers. When I am not on my computer (rarely) I am hanging out with my dog Mocha, or playing games, or watching anime, or going to class, or taking photos. I also am an active member in one of the largest programming communities, Hack Club and even wrote a workshop. Other than that, I love volunteering for various programming communities and am currently helping out with CodeDay Bay Area. Personally, I love to work on my Homelab and learn new technologies. Currently I am programming my new downloader app, Downstream while also making a few other programming projects along the way. Overall, I just love making the world a better place and having fun while doing so.

My Raspberry Pi Emulation Project

A Raspberry Pi Emulator Wristwatch I made when I was 13.


Here are some places I have worked or volunteered at.


The schools and classes I have taken


Here are just some of the projects I have worked on.

  • This Website! I made it using Next.js and TypeScript! (originally was Preact also)
  • StarItAll A simple Golang script that will go through every repo in a Github user or org and star every single repo.
  • GameSite A simple website to showcase all of my games and my reviews of them.
  • PigLatinSharp and PiglatinPy are both English to Piglatin generators.
  • ThetaHacks 2022 Website A website made from scratch in just two weeks and where I learned how to make a website with React.
  • UPA Hack Club Website A website made for the UPA Hack Club in 2020. I learned how to use Tailwind and NPM while making this site.
  • ScribeHacksBot An advanced discord bot for the ScribeHacks hackathon and easily adaptable to other hackathons. I learned how to use TypeScript and hosting.