Hello! My name is

Kai Devrim McCormick

Student • Really Bad Hacker • He/Him


I am a high school student in the Bay Area who loves all things about computers. When I am not on my computer (rarely) I am hanging out with my dog Mocha, or playing games, or watching anime, or going to class, or taking photos. I also am an active member in one of the largest programming communities, Hack Club and even wrote a workshop. Other than that, I love volunteering for various programming communities and am currently helping out with CodeDay Bay Area. Personally, I love to work on my Homelab and learn new technologies. Currently I am programming whatever piques my interest while also making a few other programming projects along the way. Overall, I just love making the world a better place and having fun while doing so.

My Raspberry Pi Emulation Project

A Raspberry Pi Emulator Wristwatch I made when I was 13.


Here are some places I have worked or volunteered at.

  • McDonalds - Part-Time Employee - October 2022 to Present
  • CodeDay - Volunteer - Jan 2020 to Present
  • ThetaHacks - Technical Team Member - Dec 2020 to Feb 2022
  • UPA Hack Club- Assistant Club Manager - Aug 2020 to Aug 2021
  • VMWare - Student Intern - Jul 2019
  • eBay - Volunteer - Jul 2019


The schools and classes I have taken


Here are just some of the projects I have worked on.

  • This Website! I made it using Next.js and TypeScript! (originally was Preact also)
  • StarItAll A simple Golang script that will go through every repo in a Github user or org and star every single repo.
  • StarItAll Web A website that does the same thing as above but uses oAuth and ASP.Net for a simple and easy to use website.
  • XKCD.Net a simple C# library that allows you to get information about XKCD comics instead of having to deal with the pesky API. It also comes fully loaded with tests so the project never breaks!
  • GameSite A simple website to showcase all of my games and my reviews of them.
  • PigLatinSharp and PiglatinPy are both English to Piglatin generators.
  • ThetaHacks 2022 Website A website made from scratch in just two weeks and where I learned how to make a website with React.
  • UPA Hack Club Website A website made for the UPA Hack Club in 2020. I learned how to use Tailwind and NPM while making this site.
  • ScribeHacksBot An advanced discord bot for the ScribeHacks hackathon and easily adaptable to other hackathons. I learned how to use TypeScript and hosting.