The technology and equipment I use on a daily basis

    My Main Desk

  • M1 MacBook Air 16GB 512GB SSD
  • 500GB SSD for Backups
  • 256GB Steam Deck with 2 microSD cards, 1TB each
  • Elgato HD60S+ for Console Switching
  • MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse
  • Keychron K8 Wireless Keyboard with White LED
  • 34 inch, 1440p, 75hz, Asus Monitor
  • Modded 1st gen. PlayStation 4 with a 1TB HDD for extra games
  • Modded 1st gen. Nintendo Switch️ with two 128GB microSD and a 256GB microSD
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Xenoblade Edition)
  • Things Around my Room

  • iPad Pro 1st gen. with 1st gen. Apple Pencil
  • FitBit Versa 2
  • Google Home Mini
  • Software

  • Microsoft Edge Beta (Main Browser)
  • Microsoft Edge (School Browser)
  • Nova (Text Editor/IDE)n
  • Tower (Git Client)
  • Postbox (Mail Client)
  • Plex iPad Version (Catalyst)
  • Kopia (Backup Software)
  • Shottr (Screenshot Tool)
  • BitWarden (Password Manager)

Last updated 2022-03-11

Credits to Wes Bos