Here is what I am up to nowadays

    Finishing Senior Year of High School:

  • I am currently at home in sweet old San Jose.
  • Currently taking PreCalculus, AP Language, Marine Biology, and Economics/AP Government.
  • Dreaming about heading up North to University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, or University of British Columbia for college.
  • Learning about Computers:

  • Programming various projects. What I am working on currently
  • Volunteering for Coding Organizations like CodeDay Bay Area.
  • Reading books on various programming topics, like Data Structures and Algorithms or on C#
  • Participating in Hack Club.
  • Entertaining Myself:

  • Watching a lot on my Plex Server.
  • Playing lots of video games on my Steam Deck.
  • Having fun with my dog, Mocha.

Last updated 2022-12-05

Credits to Derek Sivers